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The Pro Housing team is available every day to help you with renting or letting a place to live and finding the perfect match.

Bo Gorren, senior rental agent:

With my almost 8 years experience in the real estate world, I take on a new challenge at Pro-Housing and I am really looking forward to it. From a young age, my interests lie in the brokerage business. With my keen eye for detail and my utmost precision, I can ensure that the entire rental process runs smoothly and that I give tenants and landlords that extra bit of personal customer contact from start to finish. Due to the years of experience you build up a large network of customers and you have been to many beautiful places in Maastricht. Outside my work I like to walk together with my friend and our two dogs.

Jaré Janssen, rental agent

I have been working at Pro-Housing since January 2020. Before this I worked at another office for almost five years. The most important thing I have learned in the past five years is that the customer comes first. Paying attention to, listening carefully and giving solid advice to the customer is, in my opinion, the most important thing in the entire process. In addition, I find a friendly manner of socializing the most pleasant to work with someone. The great thing about working in this field is the variety you have. The fact that I can carry out these activities in the most beautiful city in the Netherlands and the beautiful Heuvelland only makes things better!

I am therefore looking forward to my future at Pro-Housing with great pleasure and look forward to working with the team to be able to serve you even better!

Bibi Wijnants, rental agent

As a fourth-year student of Real Estate and Brokerage, I have been working with great pleasure at Pro-housing since March 2020 to gain more practical experience within the field. Supporting the rental agents in the rental and purchase process of homes is central to the assistant rental agent position. As an advocate of straightforward communication, I strive for an active way of maintaining contact with home seekers and landlords. With enthusiasm and drive I try to provide a home seeker with a suitable home.

I hope to meet you soon at Pro-housing!

Lars Hayen, property manager

After completing my study Facility Management (Real Estate) at Zuyd Hogeschool, I started at Pro Housing. My function is focused on the management of the properties. I am going to expand and professionalize this service together with the team. This allows us to support our customers even better when renting out objects.

Working in a team in a dynamic environment suits me well. I started working at Pro Housing from 2019 and I look at the coming years with a positive and curious view.

Michella Smeets, assistant property management

Since the beginning of February I have been working at Pro-Housing rental part of Pooters Makelaardij. During my study of legal administrative services I became intrigued by real estate. During my internships rental law and property maintenance also came to the fore. Eventually, after completing this study at an accelerated pace, I rolled into real estate.

I already have some experience in the real estate branch where I specifically worked with investors. That is why I recently started at the Pro-Housing Management department, we relieve our landlords, private person and investor. The hands-on mentality of this team ensures that the management of your property runs smoothly and that you can rent out your property without any worries. I am looking forward to grow this department further by combining everyone's strengths and to help you with your questions!

Gevin Willemsen, rooms rental agent

Meeting people and discovering beautiful places is something that has made me happy since I was young. This, combined with my interest in real estate, has ensured that I have started to obtain my certificates as a broker / appraiser. Within Pro-Housing, my focus will mainly be on student housing, or our Pro-Housing Rooms department. By really getting to know the customer, I try to guarantee the best possible match between landlord and tenant. The beautiful places you visit as a real estate agent, and of course the nice conversations you have, ensure that I enjoy my work every day.

Vivy Meijer, office operator:

As a commercial employee, I take care of the planning of our rental department as a spider in the web, answer telephone and email traffic, I welcome everyone who visits our office and I take care of all administrative work. I will be happy to make the appointment that you wish for. I am also there for questions and more information! With my years of experience as a field employee in the brokerage business, I know what is necessary for my colleagues to achieve a successful mediation.

Bermon Pooters, office manager / managing director

As a managing director, I see it as my task to ensure a good foundation for the company. This also includes acquisition, planning, support, supervision of the agreements made and managing the entire team. It is very useful that I have been self-employed since I was 19 years old. The own catering businesses that I once started with have given me a lot of insight into people and have shown how important teamwork is. I am also involved with various associations in Maastricht. Furthermore, the fatherhood of two beautiful kids gives a nice balance.

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