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Jaré Janssen

senior rental agent

I have been working at Pro-Housing since January 2020. Before this I worked at another office for almost five years. The most important thing I have learned in the past five years is that the customer comes first. Paying attention to, listening carefully and giving solid advice to the customer is, in my opinion, the most important thing in the entire process. In addition, I find a friendly manner of socializing the most pleasant to work with someone. The great thing about working in this field is the variety you have. The fact that I can carry out these activities in the most beautiful city in the Netherlands and the beautiful Heuvelland only makes things better!

I am therefore looking forward to my future at Pro-Housing with great pleasure and look forward to working with the team to be able to serve you even better!

Levi Bastings

junior rental agent

Throughout my education, I developed a strong interest in the real estate industry. After my graduation internship, I was given the opportunity to work at Pro-Housing. I accepted this challenge with great enthusiasm. Meanwhile, I have been working as a rental agent since the summer of 2022.

I especially like the dynamics of the rental market. I also get a lot of satisfaction from the interaction with both tenants and landlords. Helping to find a home where tenants feel at home and forming a good match between tenants and landlords make this profession a fun challenge.

Sanne Uiterwijk

rental agent

After working in the beauty industry and retail for several years, I was looking for a new challenge. I found this at Pro-housing as a rental agent for room rental.

The real estate industry is a very interesting industry with many challenges. I learn a lot about this industry from my new colleagues and I come to many new places, which makes the work a lot of fun.

I can apply my experience that I have in providing service to customers in my new position. I think it is especially important that the customer comes first, to listen carefully to the customer's needs and to advise the customer in the right way. Satisfying the landlords and tenants ensures that I get a lot of pleasure and energy from my work.

Bermon Pooters

office manager / managing director

As a managing director, I see it as my task to ensure a good foundation for the company. This also includes acquisition, planning, support, supervision of the agreements made and managing the entire team. It is very useful that I have been self-employed since I was 19 years old. The own catering businesses that I once started with have given me a lot of insight into people and have shown how important teamwork is. I am also involved with various associations in Maastricht. Furthermore, the fatherhood of two beautiful kids gives a nice balance.

Nando Pellemans

head of Pro Housing Management

From November 1, 2022 I will be working at Pro-Housing, part of Pooters Makelaardij. After working for a real estate investor for a number of years, I took the step to take on a new challenge.Real estate and its management are tailor-made for me and I am really looking forward to starting at Pro Housing.

Together with our team, we relieve landlords and ensure that the management of your real estate runs smoothly.I am very much looking forward to growing this department further and am delighted to be part of the Pro-Housing team.I look forward to the coming years with great pleasure and enthusiasm.

Veerle Mom

employee Pro Housing Management

I have been working at Pro-Housing since February 2023, part of the management team. After working in the hospitality industry for a long time and finishing my studies in Marketing & Communication, I thought it was time for a new challenge. Pro-Housing came my way and this seemed like a good choice.

Together with our team we manage real estate in Maastricht and the Heuvelland region. In this way we relieve the landlords of their real estate.

I learn a lot from my colleagues. Every day is different and that only makes the work more fun. I look forward to my future and hope to see you soon at Pro-Housing.

Yin Manders

employee Pro Housing Management

After working in retail for several years, I took up this challenge with both hands. Recently I started in the management department of Pro-Housing, part of Pooters Makelaardij.

Together with our team we relieve landlords and ensure that the management of your property runs smoothly. I am really looking forward to growing this department and I am happy to be part of the Pro-Housing team.

Ruben Gijzen

assistant rental agent

As a fourth year student of Real Estate and Brokerage, I have been working for Pooters Brokerage/Pro Housing since February 2022. The first six months I did an internship in the sales department of Pooters Makelaardij. This was for me the confirmation I needed, I found out at Pooters Makelaardij that brokerage is the field in which I want to make a career. Real estate intrigues me very much because of the real estate itself and also because of the direct contact with the client.

After completing my internship, I was offered a job within Pro Housing. This job is mainly assisting the rental brokers and gaining my own expertise within the industry by actively participating in the Pro Housing Rooms department. Within Pro Housing Rooms I try to create a pleasant situation for both landlord and tenant with my enthusiasm and passion for the profession. The combination of inside and outside sales makes my work extremely dynamic and interesting.

I hope to meet you at Pro-Housing in the future!

Vivy Meijer

office operator

As a commercial employee, I take care of the planning of our rental department as a spider in the web, answer telephone and email traffic, I welcome everyone who visits our office and I take care of all administrative work. I will be happy to make the appointment that you wish for. I am also there for questions and more information! With my years of experience as a field employee in the brokerage business, I know what is necessary for my colleagues to achieve a successful mediation.

Veronique Schatorjé

senior real estate agent K-RMT / Maastricht

Getting the best deal for my sellers is what I strive for in every transaction. The way to achieve that is different every time. It depends on your needs and wishes as buyer or seller, the house, and the area. That makes every situation a new challenge that I love to sink my teeth into. I was born and raised in Maastricht, so I really know the Maastricht housing market and can cover all the bases. Also, I’ve been working as an estate agent since finishing my studies in 2009 and have seen a lot of different kinds of purchase and sale transactions since then. I’ve been working at Pooters since the beginning of 2012.

Daphne Roeleveld

real estate agent Valkenburg/Heuvelland

I have been working at Pooters Makelaardij since April 2022. After living and working abroad for a number of years, I made the choice to make a new start. From an early age, my interest in real estate has been enormous, so the choice to follow the training was quickly made.

I have now acquired the theoretical knowledge and have gained a number of years of experience, and I have grown into an independent broker in the beautiful Heuvelland. What I like best and most about this profession is that I can advise, guide and unburden you with one of the biggest and most important decisions of your life, namely the purchase or sale of your home. Based on thorough knowledge of the local market, I strive to connect the emotional side of the purchase or sale of your home with a business approach.

Every house has its own story and it needs to be told.

Marijke Smeets

real estate agent K-RMT / Maastricht

After studying as a real estate agent (K-RMT) and a number of experience years later, I have been working at Pooters Makelaardij in Maastricht since April 1, 2021. Within this organization I strengthen the purchasing and sales team.

People see me as a friendly Burgundian from Maastricht who likes a good wine and likes to go out for dinner. During brokerage I am tenacious to make all my buying and selling transactions successful for both seller and buyer. I enjoy the variety in the activities that the real estate profession entails.

I therefore hope to be part of this young and dynamic team for a long time and to be able to assist and advise you as a customer with one of the most important choices in your life; buying and / or selling your home. That gives me satisfaction!

Gyvan Pooters

exclusive real estate agent / general director

I began running my own estate agency from home even before I finished my education in 2007. Then I brought my brother into the firm in 2009. In 2012, we moved to our current location on Akersteenweg in Maastricht. I went into business right in the middle of the economic crisis, so I know better than anyone that you always have to do your very best for every client, large or small. When property owners are selling or letting their most valuable possession, you have to be professional and you have to be involved. Along with running my business, my partner and I have two sons (1 and 2 years old), who I spend most of my free time with.

Kirsten Drissen

assistant real estate agent

Since the of 2021 I have been working at Pooters Makelaardij. After many years of working in the travel industry, which came to a complete standstill due to COVID, I was looking for a new challenge. Since I was born and raised in Valkenburg for years, I have been keeping an eye on the real estate market in our area and will continue to know it well, it seemed great to be working in this industry as well. At Pooters Makelaardij I got that opportunity, and now I proudly represent the 2nd location in Valkenburg. After a successful start of this location, I would like to continue and expand this with my colleagues. I am happy to support the sales brokers with all business activities and I am happy to answer all questions to achieve a successful sales mediation. Our office in Valkenburg is reinforced with your regular broker for the Heuvelland. This allows us to serve you even better. I will gladly help you on your way with all your questions to successfully sell your home from finding your dream home in our beautiful Heuvelland. So we look forward to seeing you at our office in Valkenburg!

Luc Huynen

exclusive real estate agent

I wanted to be an estate agent because I’ve always been interested in the housing market and how complex the field is. I started working at Pooters in Maastricht in September 2015, and I’ve been having the time of my life. I’m totally dedicated to my work here because I’m doing what I love. What I do most here at Pooters are home presentations, promotions, and conducting viewings. I’m also studying Commercial Economics at the Zuyd University of Applied Sciences in Sittard.

Bibi Wijnants

exclusive real estate agent

As a fourth-year student of Real Estate and Brokerage, I have been working with great pleasure at Pro-housing since March 2020 to gain more practical experience within the field. Supporting the rental agents in the rental and purchase process of homes is central to the assistant rental agent position. As an advocate of straightforward communication, I strive for an active way of maintaining contact with home seekers and landlords. With enthusiasm and drive I try to provide a home seeker with a suitable home.

I hope to meet you soon at Pro-housing!

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