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Questions are there to ask! Now we often see a number of questions about rental and our conditions.

An overview of these most frequently asked questions, and the corresponding answers, can be found below.

Terminate rental contract

How can I cancel my rental contract?

If you want to cancel your rental contract after the minimum contract period has expired, you must notify us by e-mail. to notify a cancellation form. For a valid cancellation, the cancellation form must be submitted to the landlord and to Pro-Housing with a minimum notice period of 1 month. Please note that this must always be submitted before the 1st of the month.

Click here to download the cancellation form

Early termination can only take place if the landlord agrees and the tenant agrees to the set conditions and the re-letting cost. The conditions vary by landlord and situation. The cost for re-letting is one month's bare rent + service charges.

With an early termination, the tenant remains responsible for paying the rent until a new suitable new tenant is found, this will be screened by us and the landlord.


In principle, subletting a home is not permitted. For a legitimate reason such as a work placement / school internship, exchange or moving to another country, an exception can be made to this rule under certain conditions and in consultation with the landlord.

For a legitimate reason such as a work placement / school internship, exchange or moving to another country, an exception can be made to this rule under certain conditions and in consultation with the landlord. These conditions mean that nothing may change for the landlord, so you always remain responsible for paying the rent to the landlord.

A sublease contract is drawn up in which the payment obligation of the subtenant to the tenant is included. A sublease contract can be drawn up for a minimum period of 1 month, up to a maximum period of 6 months. In addition, the tenant himself must supply a suitable and suitable subtenant who will be screened by us and the landlord.

Drawing up a sublease contract entails costs, these amount to € 145,- Incl. 21% VAT.

Registration fee

We use a registration fee of €25.00 to schedule viewings via Pro-Housing, this is of course a one-off payment. In the current market there is a huge demand for homes, which means that home seekers often respond to dozens of homes at the same time. The registration fee ensures that active, registered home seekers have priority on our website.

Contract changes

In certain situations, an adjustment will have to be made to the current rental contract. If a change is needed, we will always discuss this with your landlord, if he agrees to the request, a contract change can take place under certain conditions.

Adjusting a rental contract entails costs, these amount to € 225, - Incl. 21% VAT


If you have received a rental contract from us, you will find the contact details of your landlord/manager in Article 9.

If your landlord organizes the management of the property yourself, you can contact the landlord directly. In case Pro-Housing is the manager of the building in which you live, you can contact:

Always check first under the heading "What are the legal provisions" whether the problem should actually be solved by the landlord or by the tenant himself.

Final delivery

We would like to know at least 2 weeks before the end of the rental agreement when the final delivery can take place. Take the following into account during the final delivery:

  • The rented property must be completely empty. (personal and acquired items must be removed)
  • The rented property must be delivered cleaned.
  • The walls should all be white, holes filled
  • Everything must be clean, any cupboards, also inside and on top, oven, refrigerator, hob, extractor hood + filter, dishwasher + filter
  • No limescale in bathroom
  • Windows must be washed
  • Person must be de-registered from the municipality
  • Keys must be handed in upon delivery

During the aforementioned final delivery, we will make an inspection report, which will be sent to the landlord/tenant/Pro-Housing. In this report, the state of the house is inventoried at the time of final delivery. The same inspection report is also made at the start of the rental period. If there are no comments and or defects the deposit will be returned within 14 days. If any repairs need to be made the remaining amount will be returned within 30 days of the end of the rental.

Rent in general

There can be several reasons such as permits and legislation but also the personal wishes of the landlord. In the introduction text of the property, it is stated for whom the property is available.

The minimum rental period can always be found on the page of the relevant property. In general, this is always 12 months unless stated otherwise, so a shorter rental period is not possible.

No, unfortunately this is not possible, in consultation with the landlord we offer a furnished or unfurnished house. If there are several options regarding furnished or unfurnished rental, we will always mention this in the "Extra info" section of the relevant property.

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