We look for the suitable home for expats

If you are looking for help in finding your new home, you can use our home finding service. We will take care of finding your new home.

First of all, we will discuss your preferences. What are the conditions your new home must meet, such as the number of bedrooms, garden or balcony, close to your work, near the children's school? Then we will look for suitable options. Thanks to our extensive network and a good relationship with fellow estate agents in the region, we are able to offer homes that are not in our portfolio. We plan the viewings and guide you in this, while at the same time introducing you to the surrounding area. Once you have made your choice, we take care of the negotiations with the landlord or estate agent, draw up or screen the lease contract, plan and assist you with the key transfer, prepare an inspection report and assist you in registering with the utility and internet suppliers.

The fee for this home finding package will be one month's rent incl. 21% VAT.

In addition, you can also make use of, among others, the following services, in which we take care of the administration and inform you about the necessary documents, arrange appointments and accompany you in person, if preferred:
- Registration with the municipality
- Arranging a Dutch bank account
- Providing information and assistance in arranging the necessary insurances
- Finding a doctor and dentist
- Finding schools and childcare
- Importing your car or motorcycle
- Finding your hobby club or sports club

For more information and rates please contact us.

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