Letting your space?

If you have a space you want to let, you have several options to do it through Pro Housing. Do you want to keep everything in your own hands, could you use some help with certain things, or would you rather leave everything to us? It’s your choice! Register as a landlord free of charge, and choose the option that best suits your needs.

Pro Housing offers a number of different rental services:

1. Pro Housing handles your rental

You can turn the letting of your property completely over to us. This will ensure that everything from start to finish is properly handled and you can devote your attention to other things.

The costs of letting by Pro Housing are:
  • €450,- for rentals under €500,-
  • €550,- for rentals between €500 and €750,-
  • For rentals above €750,- once-only fee of 90%.

Rental price = basic rental price excluding gas/water/electricity and including service costs.

For properties outside the municipality of Maastricht, a surcharge of €175,-.

Fee is once and including 21% VAT.

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2. Management

Along with the letting, you can also leave your property management to us. Our property management package includes:

  • Administrative management, including collecting rent and processing rent increases
  • Commercial management, including handling initial inspection and final inspection
  • Technical management including annual inspections

The total management fee is 5% (excluding VAT) of the basic rent, including service charges. If a final settlement of utilities consumption needs to be drafted, the advance is included in the rent.

For more information about our management activities click the button below.

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3. Let it yourself

Letting your property was never this easy! With our ‘Let it yourself’ option, you can place your property on the Pro Housing site and take advantage of our extensive network of housing-seekers. You can also choose to put your property in a paid listing on leading housing rental sites Pararius, Funda, and Woonplein Limburg. When the house is located in Belgium there are cost involved. Exclusive property in a higher price range can not be rented out. This property is offered trough Pro Housing Exclusive.

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