Looking for a place to rent in Maastricht or South Limburg? You’ve come to the right place! With your free account on Pro Housing, you can browse our listings of rental homes, apartments, and studios every day. Make sure you make your profile as complete as possible and specify what you’re looking for, and we’ll send you new housing listings meeting your criteria every week.

The housing we have on offer includes housing being let by Pro Housing as well as living space offered by companies and private individuals. The landlord is indicated in every listing.

Respond and viewing
If you see a place that speaks to you, add it to your favourites or make an appointment right away, through the website, with one of our agents and/or private landlords to view the property! Depending on the property, one-off costs may be paid for viewing this property and other properties. These costs are one-time € 25, - to be able to visit. From that moment on, all other (new) homes can also be viewed.

No brokerage fees
Pro Housing charges no brokerage fees for renting living space. And we charge no fees for registration or for signing a lease, just like we do not charge any administration fees or contract charges.

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